Helicopter kit Sky Dragon

Helicopter kit Sky Dragon
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Helicopter kit Sky Dragon

Distinctive design, and a helicopter which can be as individual as its pilot. Sky Dragon - a machine to put you in the mood for flying just by looking at it. Based on the original idea of the Colibri, with its light weight, manoeuvrability and exemplary dynamics, the Sky Dragon represents an expertly tuned and refined version of the helicopter.
The 8.5 cc motor offers an impressive blend of high power and a free-revving nature. The carefully optimised mechanical system with metal toothed belt clutch has been designed expressly for this motor. The toothed belt drive system produces a right-hand rotation main rotor with a reduction ratio of 9.5 : 1.
The pitch-axis control system is de-coupled from the swashplate mixer system, and this contributes to the Sky Dragon's superb handling in the air as well as allowing the use of a low-cost radio control system.
To ensure that you are able to continue operating your Sky Dragon even when you have reached the stage of practising 3-D flying, it features a tail rotor which is driven in auto-rotation landings.
The stainless steel drive shaft between main gearbox and tail rotor is ballraced, as are the mixer levers and bellcranks. The special paddles combined with the 450 mm long flybar produce a helicopter which is tremendously agile in all flight manoeuvres.
The tail end of the strong 20 mm Ø tail boom features a perforated CFRP vertical stabiliser with a small inset horizontal stabiliser.

    Essential accessories
  • Ord.No. 880 Motor set with Rossi 8.5 cc motor

This model must not be fitted with a more powerful motor to avoid overloading the toothed belt in the first stage of the gearbox.
The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.


Rossi motor 53 - 8.5 cc

Rossi motor 53 - 8.5 cc

Ord.No: 1029

222.18  ( VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs)

Toothed belt for Dragon 3M/201

Toothed belt for Dragon 3M/201

Ord.No: 833/100

13.94  ( VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs)
Toothed belt pulley 55-tooth 3M

Toothed belt pulley 55-tooth 3M

Ord.No: 833/44

38.39  ( VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs)
Toothed belt clutch 23-tooth

Toothed belt clutch 23-tooth

Ord.No: 833/64

77.78  ( VAT excl. excl. Shipping costs)

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